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Coming Changes and Future Plans

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First and foremost, the name. Essence Ragnarok Online has met it's end, so we will lay it to rest. The new name of the server will be EpsilonRO, eRO for short so as to maintain some ties to it's spiritual predecessor (we are not and have no desire to be what is referred to as "old eRO")

Cier is a wonderful artist, and with her comes all her outstanding sprite additions, and she has already created a Logo for us. Site Design is under way and nearly completed also.

With that let's get down to the changes and time-tables.

Server Name: Epsilon Ragnarok Online
Server type: Full Renewal with Custom Modifications
Transition Period: 1 Week
Implementation Period: 1-2 Months
Test Period (Alpha): 15-30 days
Beta Period: 1 Month on Test Server

WoE: 3 Days a week
TimeZones: Rotating Modes, Three different Zones
Guild Population: 24
Alliances?: Yes but Disabled for WoE Purposes
Remedy for Big Guilds: Custom Mapflag to allow alliances for the use of #alliance Chat
FE or SE: Peferrably SE, 3 Modes(Vanilla (Trans), Third Class, Baby(For Fun)
Treasure: Standardized and Customized: All castles offer same rewards but rewards are custom
Guild Dungeons Accessible: Only to Castle Owners

GTB Nerfed?: 80% Fixed MDEF or TRUE GTB Shield
TRUE GTB?: Grueling Quest allowing for GTB Card to Be Upgraded to a Shield with full effect, but is account bound. Original GTB Card (80%) will be tradeable.

Wipe: All EXCEPT: Character Names, Ultimate Fly Wings, Donor Level Status, Costumes produced by Mad Hatter
World Bosses: Needs to be Re-worked

Episode Start: 14.1 with updates customized to our server every 1-2 months

Instant Cast: Unobtainable however we are removing Fixed Cast times and modified the formula, so cast times will be faster that traditional Renewal by a large margin, casters will maintain viability.

MVPs: Will be looked at and re-balanced to better suit Renewal.

We will be hiring staff in the near future.


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