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Heartring Prepatch Notes

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Patch: Heartring, 2nd Patch of March 2018


This is a LIVE document that is updated in real-time as changes are made. Be sure to check back daily if you want the latest information.

Hey guys in an effort to bring transparency to future changes in EssenceRO, I'll be posting non-privileged changes that are happening the test server.  Successful features that make it through testing and staff/tester approval will then make it to the main server patch day.

Please keep in mind that some of these features are implemented for testing and research and may not actually make it to the official server patch.

This is also to help encourage discussion among you players and a sneak peak at future patch days.

I'll denote the various work cycles of each feature with the following color codes:

  • Blue: Live on main server
  • Green: ready for patch day.
  • Red: this thing is BUGGY
  • Orange: live on the test server, implemented and needs to pass testing.
  • Yellow: in implementation process
  • Black: in proposal, research, planning, or discussion stages.

Misc Changes:

  • Changed Default WoE castle drops to old eRO drops (Coded by Vide)
    • 3carat Diamond - 100%
    • Yggdrasil Seed - 30%
    • Yggdrasil Berry - 15%
    • Wool Scarf [1] - 10%
    • Tidal Shoes [1] - 10%
    • Odin's Blessing [1] - 25%
    • Stone Buckler [1] - 25%
    • Old Card Album - 45%
  • Added classic auras to the @aura list [65-68] (Coded by Vide/Cier)
  • All mobs have a slight chance to drop Skittles (St. Patrick's Day event) ( Coded by Kiwi )
  • Updated the Website Database to reflect custom items / mobs / drops ( Coded by Kiwi )

Class changes:

  • Suras now have the same SP table as Champions (Coded by Vide)
  • Nerfed Arch Bishop's Offertorium skill to maximum 50% Heal bonus (Coded by Vide)


  • No more skill restrictions in Niflheim (Coded by Vide)
  • Fixed skill restrictions in Old Payon (Coded by Vide)
  • Removed Warg Riding due to crashing issue (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Disabled Minstrel's Harmonize and Gloomy Day (Coded by Vide)


  • 1530 Mjolnir disabled in WoE. (Coded by Phuc)
  • 12622 boarding halter disabled in WoE. (Coded by Phuc)
  • @guildstorage disabled in WoE


  • Reduced BG Games to : KVM, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag & [Seasonal] Poring Ball (Coded by Kiwi)


  • Added Shiba Inu (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added Black Cat (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added Baby Penguin (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added Prince's Cloak (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added War Princess Ribbon (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added Baby Leopard Cat Hat (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Refined Bloodied Shackle Ball Description updated (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Enhanced Shackles added - Bonus Updated ( Coded by Kiwi & Vide )
  • Ragnarok Limited Edition Description Edited & Slot Added (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Removed confirmation prompt from supply boxes (Coded by Vide)
  • Renamed Black Frame Glasses [1] to Refined Black Frame Glasses [1] and gave it all stats + 1 effect (Coded by Vide)
  • Fixed custom items with DemiHuman resist or bonus such as DEX Valkyrie Helm and Dragon Wings (Coded by Vide)
  • Added Skittles (Coded by Kiwi)
  • Added Piggyback Shryn for Shryn (by Cier)
  • Added Hokage Hat for Moe (by Cier)
  • Added Faceless Mask for Jifo (by Cier)


  • Foxring (by Cier)


  • New bloody branch table (coded by Cier and Phuc)
    • Atroce, Bacsojin, Baphomet, Detale, Doppelganger, Dracula, Dragon Lord, Drake, Eddga, Evil Snake Lord, Garm, Incantation Samurai, Kraken, Maya, Mistress, Moonlight Flower, Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Osiris, Pharaoh, Phreeoni, RSX 0806, Turtle General, Valkyrie Randgris, Werewolf, Ygnizem
  • New Class Change Rates for Abra (Coded by Phuc)
    • eRO Name Class Change Probability
      Amon Ra 1.07%
      Atroce 4.27%
      Bacsojin 3.20%
      Baphomet 3.20%
      Detale 4.27%
      Doppelganger 4.27%
      Dracula 2.13%
      Dragon Lord 1.60%
      Drake 4.27%
      Eddga 4.27%
      Evil Snake Lord 4.27%
      Fallen Bishop 0.53%
      Garm 3.20%
      Golden Thief Bug 0.27%
      Incantation Samurai 3.20%
      Dark Lord 4.27%
      Kraken 3.20%
      Ktullanux 1.07%
      Lucifer 1.60%
      Maya 3.20%
      Mistress 3.20%
      Moonlight Flower 4.27%
      Naght Sieger 1.07%
      Orc Hero 3.20%
      Orc Lord 4.27%
      Osiris 4.27%
      Pharaoh 4.27%
      Phreeoni 4.27%
      RSX 0806 2.67%
      Turtle General 2.67%
      Valkyrie Randgris 1.60%
      Werewolf 1.60%
      Wounded Morroc 1.07%
      Ygnizem 4.27%


  • Headgear Roulette Implemented
  • WoE Roster NPC Added (coded by Kiwi & Technoken)
  • Added Drooping Vide quest (Coded by Vide)
  • Added slotted elemental rings to socket enchant NPC in Payon (Coded by Vide/Cier)
  • World Token NPC prices adjusted (Coded by Cier)
  • Removed non-existing Sograt Desert maps from Warper (Coded by Vide)
  • Moved Survival Arena Exit NPC slightly away from safe top spot of map (Coded by Vide)
  • Removed Valentine's Box from Token Shop (Coded by Vide)
  • Added refined Monocle quest (Coded by Vide)
  • Added missing legendary blacksmith quests (Coded by Vide)
    • Refined Pocket Watch
    • Refined Iron Wrist
    • Refined Gauntlet of Hit
  • Added Quest for Kerchief (Coded by Cier/Vide)
  • Added Quest for Sailor Beret [White Beret in old eRO] (Coded by Cier/Vide)


  • Survival Arena mobs now spawn in a bigger radius on the map (Coded by Vide)
  • Nerfed MVPs of Survival Arena - Extreme mode to their vanilla stats (Coded by Vide)
  • A specific Survival Arena mode can now be triggered by Event GMs (Coded by Vide)
  • Added a new higher difficulty to each Survival Arena modes, can only be triggered by GMs (Coded by Vide)

Bug Fixes:

  • 4054 Angeling Card, fixed a typo. (Coded by Phuc)
  • 45184 Enhanced Shackles, fixed a typo. (Coded by Phuc)
  • 46327 Cobweb Box now correctly gives Cob Webs, instead of Blue Gemstones. (Coded by Phuc)
  • You can now memo in gef_fild08 (Coded by Vide)

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Sorry for bugging but where can I find the newly added items? And if the header roulette npc is out, where might they be? :o

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Hi eeriepie,

As per the colour codes denoted, the headgear roulette NPC  is in proposal stage and has not yet been implemented. As for the new headgears, they are available as disguises from the Mad Hatter NPC.

Happy gaming!


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Thank you bb banana! I appreciate it! :D

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