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      Staff Disclaimer   12/06/2017

      Please be advised that the EssenceRO Staff will never under any circumstances ask you for any sensitive information, such as Credit Cards or account information.  We only operate out of ONE discord channel and you can find the link directly on our website.   Do not ever, under any circumstances agree to send money via Western Union, as we only accept payments through Paypal and through our secure website.   Anyone impersonating a GM will be banned.  Please report any suspicious activity to the GM Staff via the fourm. 
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MVP Update!

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Hi everyone!

You may have noticed a ton of MVP's running around.  Be aware that any MVP's that haven't been announced / buffed for EssenceRO will NOT give you any Drops and/or Experience.  They're there to troll your life for now. So don't freak out when you see them, and don't be too disappointed when you don't get any loot from any non-buffed MVP's.  

However, if you do @mi them, you will see their drops -- There is a custom code in that disables their drops, but @mi still reads the database.  This is just temporary, so be sure to continue to stay up to date with our changelogs to view the currently buffed and officially implemented MVP's. 

Have a nice day! :)

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