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      Please be advised that the EssenceRO Staff will never under any circumstances ask you for any sensitive information, such as Credit Cards or account information.  We only operate out of ONE discord channel and you can find the link directly on our website.   Do not ever, under any circumstances agree to send money via Western Union, as we only accept payments through Paypal and through our secure website.   Anyone impersonating a GM will be banned.  Please report any suspicious activity to the GM Staff via the fourm. 
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Donor Levels 1 & 2

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Thinking about donating to the server?  Firstly, thank you!
We have two levels of donors, in order to activate them, you may purchase them on the website.  Please know that these are subject to change.  We try to keep in mind the balance of the game, and make it fair for everyone. 

What do they do?
Well, both Donor Levels give you extra @ commands, all of their features are listed below. 

Level 1 Donor: 
@hstyle - change your hairstyle at your leisure
@hcolor - change your hair color
@ccolor - change your clothing color
@me - talk with style
@homtalk - make your homun talk
@pettalk - make your pet talk!
@shopjump - Jump to the shop you're looking for, instead of having to find it by walking (lazy factor)
@changegm - Change your GM without using the NPC in Old Payon

Other Additions: 
With Level 1 Donor status you are able to bypass the zeny charge when creating costume items.  If you own the headgear and are looking to convert it into a costume, you can do it for free!  Any item that you're looking to purchase via ItemID still require 10 Credits. 

Level 2 Donor:
Level 2 Donors get everything level 1 donors have plus:

+6 More Character slots = 27 Total!
+ 200% Base Exp / Job EXP boost

-  No gem stones are needed for skills that would regularly require gemstones ; Only 1 gem stone is required to have in order to use the Scholar skill, Abra * Does not work in PVP, MvP, BG or WoE *
 - Specialized Donor 2 Shop for Limited Edition Costumes otherwise unobtainable by the Mad Hatter.

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