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      Please be advised that the EssenceRO Staff will never under any circumstances ask you for any sensitive information, such as Credit Cards or account information.  We only operate out of ONE discord channel and you can find the link directly on our website.   Do not ever, under any circumstances agree to send money via Western Union, as we only accept payments through Paypal and through our secure website.   Anyone impersonating a GM will be banned.  Please report any suspicious activity to the GM Staff via the fourm. 
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December 6, 2017

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Kiwi    42

Skill Edits: 
Gunslinger Overhaul: 

  • Flip Coin: No longer removes coins upon failure
  • Increase Accuracy - Now uses 1 coin instead of 4
  • Piercing Shot - Increased ATK
  • Tracking - Range Increased
  • Adjustment - Now gives 20 Perfect Dodge & has same consumption as Madness Canceller
  • Madness Canceller - 50% ATK increase
  • Gatling Fever - Increased ATK
  • Triple Action - Increased ATK
  • Fling - Now consumes 5 coins and consistently gives -50 defense. 
  • Overall range increased

Swordsman Updates

  • Berserk now working properly
  • Bowling Bash now issues splash damage

Merchant Updates:

  • Increased Max Cart Size to 15000
  • Cart Revolution now pushes the enemy backwards instead of default west. 


  • Increased rates through January 1, 2018.  Enjoy 100x/100x/50x rates until the new year!  Merry Christmas!


  • Implemented A few MVP Mobs (Dracula, Phreeoni, Eddga)
  • Implemented a few Mini-Bosses (Angeling, ArcAngeling, Maya Purple)


  • New Experience Table enabled, lowered exp required after level 90. 



  • Removed all 3rd Jobs from PVP Zones
  • Removed all 3rd Job Skills from GVG Zones
  • Removed all 3rd Job Skills from BG Zones
  • Added PVP to all MVP Maps (including mvps that aren't enabled yet)
  • Added Backend of the Snowball Fight BG Game (Details coming soon!)
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