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Weekly Maintenance December 6, 2017

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At 5AM EST on December 6, 2017 we will be hosting our Weekly Maintenance.
This means the server will taken down for roughly three hours so we can update some essential features of EssenceRO. We will be hosting this once every week, preferably every wednesday at 5AM EST. 

This topic will be updated once the maintenance is complete.  Be sure to check our Changelogs section for the patch updates. 

Thank you,

-The EssenceRO Team 


Maintenance is going GREAT!  I've fixed all of the gunslinger skills, including their range, along with the RK's Berserk & Bowling bash issue.  I'm currently working on Champions combo wombo skills and should be done before 8AM EST.  BUT I do need to extend the maintenance a little while longer due to the fact that I am adding some extra stuff.  I am installing the backend for a new fun battlegrounds game (more info coming soon.
Sit tight!  We're almost done with this huge update!  
Just know that they all wont take this long, but being that this is the first maintenance of the server's opening, it's a doozy! 

Thank you for your continued support! <3

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