EssenceRO Basics new player to essenceRO? here's what you need to know!

Vital Stats
Server Rates 75x 75x 50x (10x MVP Drop Rates) Maximum Level 170 Base & 90 Job
Maximum Stats 150 Maximum ASPD 193
Instant Cast 190 DEX Primary Town Old Payon (@go 0)

EssenceRO Server Features overview of features and customisations

Quick Note from the Essence Kafra..

This page reflects a tiny handful of the changes we've implemented to improve your playing experience. For further details and up-to-the-minute changelogs, you can view our Server Customs page or check out the numerous forum changelogs.

General Features
3rd Classes Accurate skill trees for a new playing experience (disabled in PvP and WoE).
Custom Control Panel Ladders, offline account/character equipment viewing, vend search and more.
Extensive Class Balancing Countless changes and improvements to specific classes and skills.
Fully Overhauled MVP System Party oriented MVPing, improved MVP AI and custom drops.
Guild Storage Protection Optional password protected guild storage.
Overhauled War of Emperium See here for further information.
Storage Enhancements Storage is limited to 1,000 items, which are sorted alphabetically.
Restricted Vending Organised vend grid structure, and 48 hour time limit on vends.
Game Mechanics
Renewal Interface Latest client, skills and game mechanics from kRO.
Skill Reworking Numerous underused skills improved to usability and build versatility.
Perfect Dodge Enhancements Perfect Dodge affects all Physical damage (including skills).
Scaled Status Resistance Stat-based status immunity requirement scaled up to reflect rates.
MDEF Based Resistance Capped at 97 for full immunity.
Status Duration Increase Base duration for status effects scaled up.
Base Cast Times 5/6 Normal To reflect increased requirements for instant cast.
EssenceRO Custom NPCs
Job Changer Change to all jobs, including 3-1 classes.
Baby Job Changer Change to a Baby Class with no adoption requirement.
Platinum Skill NPC Provides 1-1 quest skills only!
Universal Rental NPC Rent a Peco, Cart, Falcon, Warg, Dragon, or Magic Armor.
Kafra Express Features card removal, equipment repair, item identification and much more.
Healer and Buff NPCs Free Healer and basic buffs for a nominal fee.
Party Warp NPC Warp directly to party members on selected maps.
War of Emperium NPC Castle warps, view guild rankings and more.
Comprehensive Stylist Save and load palettes or preview your favourite headgears.
Automated Broadcast Service Comprehensive Broadcast with multi-language support.
Bullet Casing Packers Pack bullets into casings - includes 15 custom bullet types.
Item Signer and Cleaner Sign your stuff and remove inscriptions.
Player Commands
Server Related Commands
@commands View list of available @commands.
@rates Display current server rates.
@uptime Display server uptime.
@request Send a PM to all connected GMs.
@join (main/alliance/support) Join chat channel - select from main, alliance and support.
@exit (main/alliance/support) Leave a server chat channel - select from main, alliance or support.
@who(main/alliance/support) View chatroom online list.
@mentors View available list of in-game player mentors.
Mob and Item Commands
@showdelay Toggle skill delay message.
@showexp Toggle EXP gain messages.
@showzeny Toggle Zeny gain messages.
@mobinfo @mi Display detailed mob information
@iteminfo @ii Display detailed item information.
@whodrops Display item drop information.
@mobsearch Displays quantity of mob on a map (disabled for MVP/miniboss).
@whereis Displays a mob's default spawn map(s).
@whosells Search player vends for an item ID.
@nopick Prevents accidental picking up of dropped items.
Player Related Commands
@refresh Refresh sprite position (note: delayed usage).
@storage Open storage remotely (disabled during WoE).
@duel Prompt a duel with another player.
@noask Automatically reject trade requests and invites.
@noinvite Auto-reject invitations.
@hominfo @homstats Homunculus related commands.
@noks Toggle kill-steal protection.
@petinfo View pet information.
@autoloot Set autoloot percentage or disable autoloot.
@alootid Autoloot a specific item (up to ten).
@autotrade @at Vend while your character is offline.
@go Warp to a city (use @go in-game for full list).
@load Return to your save point (disabled during WoE).
@nomelee Disable melee attack (can only use skills).